How to Prevent Face Wrinkles When Losing Weight?

Beautiful woman

If you have thin skin, you’ll get facial wrinkles almost guaranteed when you lose your excess weight.

But can you prevent face wrinkles or, at least, reduce them in that case?

Every person is different, but here are some well-known and proven tips:

Sleep on your back
If you don’t touch a pillow with your face, you don’t get new sleep lines.

Drink plenty of water
Cliche? But your skin becomes more elastic when you drink enough water. And it leads to less new wrinkles and increased collagen levels.

Use a topical moisturizer before and after sleep
Another case of preventive hydration and skin protection.

Lose weight slowly
Rapid weight loss doesn’t allow your skin to adapt. Be kind to yourself.

Eat a lot of fruit and veggies
Why? They contain phytonutrients that prevent cellular damage and keep your skin healthy.

Protect yourself from the sun
Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen every single day. The sun isn’t your best friend.

Stop smoking
Smoking makes your skin older by reducing collagen levels and increases inflammation.

Exercise with weights
Opposite to cardio (which can make things worse since it releases too many free radicals in your body, damaging your skin and cells), weight training with reasonable weights and burst-like pace helps you in several ways. More muscles – fewer wrinkles.

If you follow all or some of the tips above, you have a chance to get fewer wrinkles during weight loss. Anyway, these tips are useful even if you don’t worry about wrinkles. Don’t you think?