Does caffeinated soap really work?

Sometimes, we want to save time in the morning, and an idea of getting the caffeine kick right in the shower appeals to many people.


So, does caffeine soap really work?

According to hundreds of reviews on Amazon and other websites, caffeinated soap doesn’t work so well for a regular coffee or energy drink users. It’s just too low on caffeine to wake you up. But if you aren’t a coffee junkie, it may help. Some people swear by it.

This study (opens in a new tab) says that caffeine penetrates through skin, but it was mixed with ethanol (alcohol). It means skin probably absorbs caffeine worse when caffeine mixed with water.

The other issue to consider is dry skin. Caffeinated soap usually dries skin a lot. And if you already have dry skin that would be a disaster.

Try it before you buy here: Free Caffeinated Soap Sample (opens in a new tab)

Conclusion: Caffeinated soap is a decent product for people who don’t rely on caffeine much. But for heavy coffee drinkers, it’s a waste of money and potentially new problems with skin. Use your due diligence.