Free Sunless Tanning Butter – Complete this short survey to get it (new 2018 supply)

tanning butter

You have an important event coming up and want your skin to glow. How do you catch a tan before the big day? Use sunless tanning butter!

There are countless number of sunless tanning products available to buy. You can choose whatever you like, but test if you’re allergic first. Apply a small amount on your wrist and see if everything is ok. That’s a common problem with many self tanner lotions.


I tend to opt for my natural skin tone


I slap on some sunless tanning lotion


I make a few trips to the tanning salon


I spend a few hours in the sun

How easily do you sunburn?








When you’re out in the sun catching rays, what SPF would I find in your beach bag?




SPF 5-15


SPF 16-30


SPF 31-45


SPF 46-up

On the issue of skin cancer:


I know nothing about it


I know it exists, but other than that I’m lost


I know some, but could stand to learn more


I am very well educated on the causes and symptoms

Do you take precautions to protect yourself from skin cancer?